Puerto Rico Guide

Built within and around two hills, Puerto Rico is the second largest resort in the south of the island. The town boasts two harbours, two beaches and two large shopping complexes, with several clusters of bars, restaurants and shops also dotted around the resort.

Puerto Rico attracts holiday makers of all ages, but the type of activities and attractions around the resort are especially favourable to families with children. Boat trips are particularly popular, with everything from catamaran sailing to diving to big game fishing trips available. There is also a small aquapark and numerous family-friendly bars, restaurants and live music venues.

One potential downside to the resort is the seven hundred steps from the very top of the hill to the bottom, which could cause problems for those with walking difficulties.

How to get to Puerto Rico

Most visitors to Puerto Rico will be flying into Gran Canaria Airport, which connects to a vast amount of cities across Europe. The airport is around 30km from Puerto Rico.

If you haven’t booked a hotel transfer as part of a package holiday, there are also public buses that will take you from the airport direct to Puerto Rico, as well as taxis and car hire firms.

When to visit Puerto Rico

Situated on the south-west of the island, Puerto Rico benefits from the region’s famous microclimate which means it enjoys higher average temperature than its northern counterparts.

The beautiful, temperate weather, which lasts throughout the seasons and comes with cooling sea breezes, helps make Puerto Rico a superb all-year-round destination.

Things to do in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has two beaches within its boundaries, one of which is located between the resort’s two harbours and gets very busy during the summer months. However, for real beach connoisseurs, a significantly better stretch of sand lies a 30 minute walk south along the promenade.

This beach, which is called Amadores, has a heavy Caribbean influence - since its sand was imported from there! It is also family-friendly, and has some excellent marine life for snorkelers prepared to venture out into the deep blue waters, as well as more adventurous watersports including scuba diving, jet skiing and paragliding.

Also popular with children in Puerto Rico is the resort’s water theme park, which offers a large number of rides and makes for an entertaining day out for all the family. There is also a mini golf area in the centre of the town.

From Puerto Rico’s two harbours a number of pleasure boat trips, dolphin searches and fishing boat trips are on offer. There is a taxi ferry boat that takes you south to the canal village of Mogan, or north to the market town of Arguineguin.

The area around the harbours is also the best place in Puerto Rico for eating out, with numerous restaurants located along the beautiful beach front. Another popular area for dining is the resort’s commercial centre, where there are several restaurants offering Canarian, Chinese, Indian, Greek, and Italian gastronomic delights.

One of the most unique eating experiences near Puerto Rico can be found a short cab ride away in the village of Tauro. A shack-like building with a yellow neon saying "Guantanamo" leads you to a fantastic selection of tapas, steaks, fish, and salads.

Nightlife in Puerto Rico can be lively. Again, the commercial centre is the best area for night spots, with plenty of bars and clubs to choose from. The Europa Centre at the top of the hill is home to the Barbacoa Club, featuring a cabaret dinner show with top class performers.

Also worth a visit, particularly for British sit com fans, is the Nags Head Bar, which has an "Only Fools and Horses" theme and offers a welcoming atmosphere for singles, couples and families alike.


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