Can Pastilla Guide

Travelling along the south coast eastwards from the capital Palma, the first resort that visitors arrive at is Can Pastilla. The town is situated at the western end of a 2.5 mile stretch of beach called Playa de Palma.

Can Pastilla’s close proximity to Palma and the Son Sant Joan International airport is a  primary reason why it was one of the first resorts to be “unearthed” by British visitors during the onset of tourism in the early 1960’s. Indeed, much of the town really only dates back to this period, when, as a small fishing village, it began to adapt to cater for mass-tourism, and many of the buildings still remain from that time.

More than many of its counterparts, the town has a family feel to it, although nightlife here is still good, especially in nearby Palma. It also boasts superb sandy beaches, an array of watersports and the biggest waterpark in Europe close by.

How to get to Can Pastilla

Can Pastilla is less than 10km from Palma's Son Sant Joan airport, which is the arrival point for all flights to Mallorca. Direct flights link Palma with all main European destinations, and there are daily flights to a number of Spanish cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante.

Buses leave the airport for the city centre (Plaza de España) every 15 minutes, and from here, buses can then be taken to the various resorts on the island. At the airport, there is a permanent taxi rank and a number of car-rental agencies touting for your custom.

Mallorca can also be reached by ferry, with operators connecting Palma and a number of Spanish ports including Barcelona, Valencia and Ibiza. Again, transfers can then be made from the port of Palma (Marina Port De Mallorca‎) to Cala d’or

When to visit Can Pastilla

Like the rest of Mallorca, the climate of Can Pastilla is typical of much of the Mediterranean, making it an ideal all-year-round holiday destination.

The summers are very hot, yet in the winter temperatures remain mild and considerably warmer than in Northern Europe. Rainfall is generally fairly low, especially during the summer.

Things to do in Can Pastilla

The bulk of activity in Can Pastilla focuses on the cluster of streets around the resort’s picturesque harbour and it’s three well-equipped sandy beaches. The southernmost Can Pastilla beach is effectively a continuation of Playa de Palma, a 2.5 mile stretch of sand that is punctuated by beachside cafes and bars.

There are good beach facilities and watersports on offer, and for water-based fun there is also Aqualand el Arenal, the biggest water park in Europe, located on the outskirts of the resort.

For nightlife, The Rising Sun is a Live Music Club in Can Pastilla which opened in 1998. This club is popular with soul fans as it's run by a member of the Drifters soul band and features some great African American soul singers.

Other than that, night-time entertainment in Can Pastilla is largely limited to hotel family entertainment, but the resort is well placed for visiting famously lively neighbours like Arenal, which draws an 18-30 party crowd, and the vibrant capital, Palma. Buses, taxis and a mini train connect the resort with Palma and Arenal if you don’t wish to walk the beach promenade.


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