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About Guernsey

A smaller Channel Island than Jersey, but no less enchanting, is Guernsey. 75 miles from Weymouth and 35 miles from Normandy, the island is blessed with a temperate climate and sunnier summers than the British mainland. August and September have a particularly sub-tropical feel and tourists flood here in droves to enjoy the scenic cliff top walks, prehistoric remains, woodland valleys secluded coves and sandy beaches.

Vazon Bay is the best beach to head for and this long stretch of golden sand, lapped by cobalt sea has won awards. Lending itself to sunbathing, child-friendly paddling and surfing, you could lose yourself for days here and pretend that there’s no way back to the British mainland.

Like Jersey, Guernsey is home to a vast collection of lucky dairy cows but tourism and flower export is big business here. Around the summer months, you can see fields of carnations, freesias and roses, fragrant and blazing with colour. St Peter Port is the affluent capital town of Guernsey. A bustle of shops, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions, the town centre is a stone’s throw from a collection of seductive beach fronts such as Belle Greve, Havelet and Soldiers Bay. Like its neighbour island, Guernsey isn’t best known for it’s nightlife, but will provide outdoorsy types, sun-worshippers and older travellers with some lovely escapism.

Those wanting to exercise brain-cells can visit one of the many museums on the island. Various German fortifications from the 1940s punctuate the coastline and leave permanent reminders of the occupation. The biggest is Castle Cornet with its historical harbour fortress and associated museums to wander round and the Sausmarez Manor, a 12th century stately home with its own sculpture park is definitely worth a visit too.

Those seeking Guernsey’s cultural past should visit the National Trust of Guernsey Folk Museum or the Fort Grey Shipwreck museum which stands poignantly next to the Hanois reefs where so many have lost their lives.

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