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Hotel ter Duyn, Domburg

Guest Rating: 96%
The history of Domburg as a seaside resort starts in 1834, when two highly placed ladies from Middelburg decided to take a swim in the sea in Domburg. They were the first seaside visitors of this city...

Wigwam Hotel, Domburg

Guest Rating: 90%
The Wigwam is an unusual name for a hotel in a seaside resort, but a name with a history. Villa ‘the Wigwam’ was built in 1904 by Meinaard-Sprenger (1860-1951), his father was mayor of Domburg from 18...

Nehalennia Hotel, Domburg

Guest Rating: 86%
Virtually located on the beautiful beach of Domburg and a short walk away from the village centre, this cosy family-run hotel is the ideal location for a peaceful escape. The bright and spacious ro...

Strandhotel Duinheuvel, Domburg

Guest Rating: 83%
The extraordinary Strandhotel Duinheuvel is an extremely comfortable 3-star hotel with a friendly character; art lovers, food lovers and other free spirits will feel very much at home here. The ho...

Noordzee Hotel, Domburg

Guest Rating: 85%
Hotel Noordzee, situated on a wonderful location under the dunes of Domburg and is located directly to the Noordzee. Domburg is one of the oldest bathing places of the Netherlands and offers a cosy at...

Badhotel Domburg Hampshire Classic

Guest Rating: 84%
Restaurant ‘Carmen Sylva’ warmly welcomes you with a selection of international and regional dishes. Its stylish, yet informal décor offers a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for both adults and chi...

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96%Hotel ter Duyn
90%Wigwam Hotel
86%Nehalennia Hotel
85%Noordzee Hotel
84%Badhotel Domburg Hampshire Classic
84%Kijkduin Hotel
83%Strandhotel Duinheuvel
83%Duinlust Hotel
83%Zonneduin Hotel
82%Wilhelmina Hotel
82%In den Brouwery Hotel
80%Apparthotel Bommelje
80%Appartementen Hotel Duinlust
80%B's Strandappartementen
79%Bosch En Zee Hotel
75%Appartementen Hotel In den Brouwery