Honeymooners from all over the world flock to Europe after vows have been said, parties have been thrown and guests have returned home. And it’s to no surprise that of the 10 top honeymoon hotels in all of Europe, half are located in Italy, proving that this olden country is also one of the most beautiful and romantic. This list features 10 of the most superlative places to whisk away for your first nights together as newlyweds.

1. Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice, Italy Hotel Gritti in Venice
Situated right on the bank of Venice’s famed canals, the Hotel Gritti Palace was hailed as “the best hotel in a city of great hotels” by celebrated novelist Ernest Hemingway. Gritti Palace originates back to 1525 and, over several centuries, has perfected the arts of luxury, fine cuisine and delightful views and attracts elite from all over the world.

2. Hotel Cipriani in Veneto, Italy Hotel Cipriani in Asolo, Italy
The Cip, as it has been lovingly nicknamed by supporters, is nothing short of magnificent. Its elegance is renowned and its water views from nearly all of the guest rooms are unparalleled. Continue on with your top notch wedding celebration at the Cip’s Terrace Restaurant where formal dress is essential.

3. Blue Palace Resort & Spa, Greece
There is no question why Blue Palace has made this honeymoon getaway list. Settled among native olive and palm trees, the Blue Palace has sweeping views of the Mediterranean. Staffers worship guests as though they might be the ancient God Zeus himself.

4. Le Mas Candille, France
La Mas Candille skillfully mixes the old, medieval style of its surroundings with new, modern amenities. Located within a great park in the ancient village of Mougins, mere miles from Cannes and the French Rivera, visitors can certainly attest as to why the ancient French peoples choose this scenic spot to settle down.

5. Brenner’s Park Hotel & Spa, England Brenner’s in Baden Germany
Whether you crave relaxation or adventure, Brenner’s, nestled into the slop England’s Black Forest, has it all. The atmosphere is that of olden English charm and couples can indulge themselves in the spa after a long day rock climbing, sky diving or hitting the town. The Brenner’s Park Hotel chain also has a hotel located in Baden-Baden Germany that is quite magical as well.

6. Hotel de Russie in Rome, Italy
Rome is a dreamy place in and of itself, with ancient culture and romance at every turn. Set up in a long-established Roman style, this cozy hotel is the ideal place to see the sites of this ancient city during daylight and snuggle up for some quiet time with your significant other during twilight.

7. The Westin Turnberry Resort in Turnberry, Scotland Westin Turnberry in Scotland
This resort is the perfect treat after months of planning a wedding. The staff has nearly perfected their services that boast luxury and the comfort of home wrapped into one lovely package. And have we mentioned the views of lush, rolling Scottish green, nestled in along the Atlantic coastline?

8. Four Season Hotel Milano, Milan, Italy
The oldest hotel on the list, the Four Seasons in Milan dates all the way back to the 15th century, where it was first constructed as a convent. Now an ultra luxurious convert, the hotel is heaven for couples who want to immerse themselves in the high fashion and couture scene of the city.

9. Baur au Lac, Switzerland
For a home away from home, that is quite opulent at that, newlyweds can stay at this serene stay that has been owned and operated by the same family since its grand opening in 1844. The lake offers stunning views, where couples can sit and relax, while drinking one of the 800,000 bottles of wine that the massive wine cellar has to offer!

10. Villa San Michelle, Italy
The Villa San Michelle is yet another reformed religious hub, once a 15th century monastery, now one of the most charismatic hotels in Italy. The rolling Tuscan countryside setting is just right for leisure but the close proximity to Florence is perfect for exploring and nightlife with your loved one.

Whether you want to spend your honeymoon exploring an age old village, relaxing in the rolling countryside or mixing it up with high couture society, this list has something for every couple searching for their ideal European escape.