XML API Integration

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XML API integration allows partners to send requests directly to our comparison engine and receive hotel prices and booking links from all the companies that we search. Working with the API involves:
  1. Downloading our hotel and city data.
  2. Send availability requests using our hotel and city IDs (XML API specification document)
  3. Process our XML responses to display hotel prices on your site.

Commercial Aspects:

  1. Maximum XML API commission rate is 70% (not 100% since partners are not driving any traffic to sletoH.com).
  2. Partners that give us their network and merchant affiliate IDs will benefit from a transparent system where clicks go directly into network / merchant accounts and payments direct from networks / merchants.
  3. To ensure that our API is not used for price scanning, all partners must achieve an agreed minimum conversion ratio.

Important Notes:

  1. The booking links returned to partners in our XML response redirect users through our engine to deep link merchant booking pages. We do not return merchant booking URLs in our XML responses.


Contact Ben Jackson on 020 7183 7183 or email team@sletoh.com with XML API queries.